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Veneto Region Guide


Veneto lies in the eastern part of Italy. It includes the Po valley and a section of Dolomites. Veneto is mainly a combination of water body and mountainous regions and it has the Po Delta where one can find lots of wildlife. Basically this region is an amalgamation of a lagoon of Venice and the summits of Dolomites of Cadore. The capital of Veneto is Venice and other important cities are Padua, Trevisio, Rovigo and Belluno.

Historically this state is rich with traditions and consists of many historical monuments. The Arena of Verona is a world famous monument. The influence of Byzantine can be seen in Venice and the area around it with the presence of St. Mark and the Cathedral of Torcello. There are fine examples of Gothic Art in the mainland.

There are many museums in Venice. This coastal city made its wealth from seaborne trade. Its galleys carried much of the Mediterranean trade, while its merchants traded as far a field as China. One of the famed galleries, Academy Galleries houses the major collections of famous Venetian paintings from the era 1300 to 1700 AD. The Museum of 18th century lifestyle houses the furniture, tapestries and attire that were worn by the people during those days.

Verona is house of the famous Civic Museum of Art and the Museum of Frescoes. In Padua one can find the Scrovegni chapel. Over here one can also see Europe’s oldest Botanical Garden.

Apart from these other tourist attractions include the Venetian islands in Murano and Torcello.
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