Situated in northern Italy - only half an hour away from Venice by train - Verona is the perfect place to relax a few days and to take in the sights from its glorious past. Verona is not only the city in which Romeo and Juliet loved each other. It boasts an enchanting, perfectly conserved and compact old town, gorgeous architecture, modern museums, plenty of Italian boutiques and delicious food and wine in its surroundings. This city is humming with life!

Start your visit at Piazza delle Erbe, right at the heart of Verona’s historic center; it was created during Roman times as a marketplace for trade and exchange. It seems that little has changed in this beautiful square over the centuries. Take in the Renaissance-era palaces with their frescoed walls, the impressive Torre dei Lamberti, and the lovely central fountain. During the day, the piazza is populated by the traditional market, while at night it turns into one of the most charming places in Verona to drink an "aperitivo" in a real Italian atmosphere.

Hidden just a few steps away from Piazza delle Erbe, attracts Juliet’s balcony thousands of lovers every day. In the museum (which includes Juliet’s balcony), you find information about the tale. When entering Juliet’s courtyard, you will immediately notice the thousands of love messages that are written on the walls! 

The well-preserved “Arena di Verona”, was built in the 1st century A.D. Back in that time, 30,000 spectators could seat in this massive (one of the largest in the world) amphitheater of Roman architecture. Today, the Arena is home to Verona’s summer opera festival featuring famous operas. 

The mysterious and seemingly abandoned fort, Castel St Pietro, sits on top of a hill behind the Ponte Pietro. A never-ending stairway brings you to the summit. Here you find yourself in a peaceful surrounding with breathtaking views of the city. Plan your trip in the late afternoon, to enjoy a spectacular sunset!