Juliet's house and its balcony is the inspirational location of where Shakespeare's famous characters (Romeo and Juliet) were secretly meeting. You may want to read that sentence again... Therefore, since there was no real Juliet, then her balcony has been placed at that specific location by sheer imagination. Strangely, however, this beautiful 14th-century house in Verona makes us believe that we are actually visiting the historical site of a famous real person.

The courtyard below the balcony of Juliet's House, or Casa di Giulietta, has been now for a few decades, a place of touristic fascination and romantic love hopes.

The house was originally used as an Inn. And in 1905 the city of Verona acquired the house that was owned by the Cappello family to stage the famous attraction. It added the balcony made out of an antique sarcophagus of the 1600's. From there, everyone could now imagine Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet scene with much clarity.