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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is comprised of 236 islands and a mainland area. This special administrative region in southeast China has a very busy port and is a leading financial center. The harbor of Hong Kong has been specially designed to load and unload numerous huge container ships that arrive here daily from all across the world. It is home to more than six million people. A former British colony, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. It has emerged as a major tourist attraction and one can find many hotels in Hong Kong. Basically tourism industry in over here has become an important part of economy.

Gambling happens to be a popular activity over here. Mahjong, a traditional game, is extremely famous amongst the people residing here. Playing this game is a great way of socializing. Horse racing is yet another big industry here with numerous people placing bet online each day.

Hong Kong is famous for its double-decker trams that have been running through its streets for many decades now. These trams provide a respite in form of transport which is needed in a crowded city like Hong Kong. In the middle of the 20th century, these trams were taken out of Hong Kong because of their polluting engines, but now the efficient new trams have taken the place of the old ones.

The famous tourist destinations of Hong Kong are Aberdeen, Causeway Bay, Disneyland, Ocean Park and Victoria Harbor. Aberdeen harbor is a waterfront resort. One can find several floating restaurants in this tourist attraction. These restaurants are anchored inside the harbor and visitors can take free shuttle services to reach there. Packed with fishing boats that are equipped with conventional sampans, the tourists here can find some great deals for Hong Kong tour and sightseeing.

The Victoria Harbor is very popular amongst the tourists as it offers splendid sight. Various public shows are held here including the famous “A Symphony of Lights”.

Disneyland is the first theme park in the entire China. It is a holiday resort that consists of Fantasyland and Tomrrowland. Situated at the backdrop of lush mountains, this place attracts millions of tourists each year.

Just like any other Asian city, Hong Kong has a rich culture. The Chinese Opera, also known as Sunkung Opera, is a distinguished place for spending quality time. Here stories are enacted by actors in the form of music and dance. Dragon dance of this city is perhaps the most intriguing feature of Chinese culture. This creature symbolizes auspicious power in legends here.

People in Hong Kong celebrate festivals with enthusiasm and vivacity. The most popular festival is Chinese New Year. Streets are illumined by fireworks display and parades with lion dance and dragon dance fill the place with exuberance. Temples are visited by worshippers. Lord Buddha’s birthday is also marked with deep sincerity and faith. During this day the worshippers throng the temples to pray. The Po Lin Monastery situated in Lantau Island has the world’s largest and seated bronze Buddha.

Hong Kong has numerous flights in and out of the country. It is connected to China via train links.

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