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Delhi Trip Advices & Practical Travel Information

There are a few things and tips that one should keep in mind while going around the city.

  • Keep a pocket book of Hindi words and phrases handy - It’s always useful to know at least a few words of Hindi that will help you be understood better.

  • As in several other places, tourists are easy targets for pick pockets and petty thieves in crowded places so keep all your valuables where you can see them.

  • Women, especially foreigners, are advised to dress appropriately. You’ll see enough local women in western clothes, but anything low cut, short or extremely revealing is advisable only if you’re going somewhere in your own car, accompanied by friends, and are not going to be walking around on the streets. Taking cabs or autos at night is not advisable, though taxis and that too the pre-paid option is preferable. This would apply to foreigners in general, regardless of their sex.

  • Street food is delicious, but “Delhi-Belly” is a common syndrome that assaults foreign visitors and one should eat fully cooked food and only drink mineral water, some of the trusted brands being Bisleri, Aquafina or Catch. Tap water is not safe to drink and it’s best to avoid pre-cut fruit, un-packaged yoghurt and raw salads.