Taipei 101 (臺北 101) now takes the 3rd place of world's top building but it has been at the 1st place during 2004 -2010. It is also known by its green design and construction techniques which make itself a tallest Green building in the world. You are highly suggested to go to the observatory at 89th floor by taking the 2nd speedy elevator to have a magnificent bird's-eye view of Taipei City. You can have both daytime and nighttime view if you go nearly the time when sky turns dark, and you have another option to go 91st floor to experience outdoor height with your courage. Never miss the massive steel damper which balances the tower when encountering typhoon and earthquake.

Not only by its fame of high observatory, but also it is well known as an international financial center and a luxury shopping center in Taiwan. You are welcomed to visit the world branded shops and taste world cuisine in 5 stories side building.

Located in the most modern district, here gathers remarkable business and commercial activities from the neighborhood of Taipei 101. Dress-up people, band-named stores, fancy restaurants and night clubs and bars. You can also visit Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, feel local atmosphere in Raohe Street Night Market and Tonghua Night Market or go mountain climbing in Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail, Xian Shan. By chances, you can join the world's book show or consumable electronic products exhibition, telecommunication exhibition etc.