Bangkok has developed as a socio-economical center for South East Asia. Situated in Thailand, it can be termed as a true global city with its great influence on fashion, politics, arts, entertainment and education.

Bangkok’s population used to be homogeneous but has evolved into a steady mix of Indian, Chinese and Western people. It has a populace of 6,355,144 people and the largest built-up span in SE Asia. Today, it is gradually becoming a cosmopolitan city with its industrialized eastern sea-board and having a well organized triangle in the entire central & eastern Thailand.

Bangkok boasts of Tropical savanna climate of the Köppen classification system. The temperatures in Bangkok city is 2 °C more as compared to Don Mueang Airport.
The city is filled with dazzling temples which form the soul of this magnificent city. The most popular amongst them is the Wat Pho and Wat Arun. It also has revered treasures that are covered in colored glass, mirror and gold leaf. This region was once known as the “Venice of East” because of its waterways. While traveling from one place to another, one has to take a boat for the journey. The floating market of this city is one of its kinds with its rich culture and oriental tradition.

Bangkok has some beautiful malls like Siam paragon, which are a treat to the shoppers. They have some exquisite showrooms like Armani, Lotus and Ferrari. There is immense scenic beauty in this city and while travelling, one can get plenty of photo opportunities to capture the picturesque surroundings, the history and culture of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of South East Asian region.