Chanthaburi is one of the less visited destinations in Thailand. That doesn’t mean it lacks for natural beauty or things to do, it just means that it is over 150 miles away from Bangkok on the eastern edge of the Gulf of Thailand and it touches Cambodia. There are three big, beautiful beaches in Chanthaburi, Chao Lao, Laem Sadet, and Kung Wiman. These beaches have white sand and clear waters. They are shaded by pine trees. In the same area you can explore the mangrove forest in Kung Krabain Bay on a raised boardwalk. If you hike inland, you will be able to see many waterfalls such as the Changsay. Chanthaburi is known as an international gem dealer’s hub. If you do some research beforehand, it is possible to get exquisite gemstones at the best wholesale prices available. There is a weekly market on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You will be expected to negotiate your price and if done properly, your purchase price will be less than 50% of the asking price. You can see architecture of both the Buddhists and the Catholics. The splendid temple of Wat Khao Sukim is a modern day meditation retreat that also displays many valuable Buddhist antiques. The largest Catholic Church in Thailand is also in Chanthaburi. It was built in 1909, in the neo-Gothic style. Chanthanburi’s climate is warm and wet all year round. It is no wonder that it is famous for its many fruits. In May there is a fruit festival featuring delicious mangosteen and zalacca.