Being both a city and a province that is located in Thailand, Chiang Rai is approximately 2 kilometres of Amphoe Mae Sai and the Myanmar border, in the southern area, as well as 200 kilometres of Chiang Mai City, in the northeast portion. Running along the northern part of Chiang Rai is the Mae Kon River, it flows from west east and, later on, merges with the Mekong River.

Opium House or the Hall of Opium is yet another place that can be visited. It contains numerous antiques that are related to Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is notorious for opium trade and is a 60 km stretch in this province of Northern Thailand.

It is easy to reach Chiang Rai by driving all along the Asia Highway from Bangkok.

Chiang Rai has a history that dates back to 1262 when the province was founded by King Mangrai. A new city of Chiang Mai was later founded. However it was annexed by Burmese rulers who ruled it for hundreds of years.

Popular tourist attractions in Chiang Mai are the Princess Mother Hall and Doi Mae Salong, Doi Tung Royal Villa, home of the mother of the King of Thailand that is known as the Princess Mother, Doi Tung Zoo, Phu Chi Fa, and Gate of Siam, located alongside Laos border.