Outside of the town of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada you will find the glacially fed Moraine Lake. The lake's water is known to have a distinct blue appearance. The lake water reaches it high point in June. If you enjoy scenic environments and outdoor recreation, you may find that a visit to Moraine Lake is a fulfilling one. Around the lake there are numerous trails to explore. Sometimes the trails are closed due to grizzly bear activity, so take caution. Among the most notable is The Rockpile Trail. This trail is approximately three-hundred meters in length and covers an elevation change of twenty-four meters. The view from the top is reportedly one of the most photographed in Canada. There is at least one lodge in the area, so if you want to stay longer than one day, that is an option. In addition to Moraine Lake there is Lower Consolation Lake in the area. Some may choose to visit the Neil Colgan Hut. This attraction is an eight to twelve hour climb though, so you should take the necessary provisions. If you have questions or simply want to find additional information you can contact Canada's National Park System or view their website. The Moraine Lake is in the Banff National Park, and that park's website has more information.