Lynn Canyon Park is the municipal rainforest park situated in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The park officially opened in the year 1912, wherein the original park's size was 12 acres (49,000 m2), but now the entire park covers about 617 acres (2.50 km2). The Lynn Park has lots of numerous hiking spots that offer hikers varying degree of different difficulty and length, such as the Baden-Powell Trail that passes right through the park and then crossing over the famous 50 meters Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. A continued 10 minute walk across the bridge will bring you to a 30 foot pool, which contains deep clear waters enclosed in an isolated area and surrounded by streams that are trickling down in small waterfalls. The beautiful place offers hikers the chance to relax amid peaceful waterfalls, after a long walk. Moreover, since it is the second most forested park, if you are lucky you can also spot different wildlife cowering on the woods. Apart from that the park boasts of old trees that are around 80-100 years old. Everyone can walk around the park as there are no admission fees to bother with. One of the popular recreations that can be done in the park is cliff jumping, and this is even popular during summer when kids from the youth camp in the Lynn Valley arrive. Lynn Canyon is also widely known as an area for many film productions, including movies like Stargate and Atlantis.