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Vancouver Attractions

Places to visit, points of interest and top things to see in Vancouver

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Stanley Park is stretched in 1, 001 acres and situated at the border of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is recognized as the greatest park, and in fact has been awarded the sixteenth position as being one of the best around the world, and the sixth in North America.

Stanley Park is the first in Vancouver and the main attractions of the city. The natural atmosphere of the park brought by fir trees, cedar, hemlock, wildlife and lagoons all appeals to many plant lover and environmentalist.

The park opened for public in 1888 by then Lord Stanley, Governor-General in Canada. Stanley Park is 10% larger than Central Park of New York, and half of Richmond's Park of London. There are a projected eight million visitors each year, and this includes tourist and locals that comes for the nature attributes and recreational facilities of the park.

The 5... read more arrow
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Science World, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is an appealing and remarkable science exhibit housed in the Expo Centre geodesic dome from the 1986 World's Fair. After World's Fair closed, with government backing, a massive fund raising campaign began, and in 1988 the new Expo Centre's latest expansion opened to over 300,000 visitors. Old and young visitors alike will find many activities in the feature exhibitions, galleries, OMNIMAX theatre, and science theatre; consequently finding many choices of how to spend the day.

There are several very fascinating exhibits in Science World, and include the following:

1. Treasure! A demonstration of amazing discoveries on the planet, such as under sea, buried treasures, gold rushes, and treasures found in the home.

2. The OMNIMAX theatre is an incredible 360 degree film experience presenting some of the most intriguing shows, including a wide variety of nature and human interest stories... read more arrow
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Granville Island peninsula / shopping district, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, was named one of the world's greatest places by the Project for Public Spaces in 2004. Originally the area was connected to the mainland in 1919. It quickly became a manufacturing district. By 1949 the government began evicting people as a result of typhoid cases and a murder in the area.

Beginning in the 1970's the site began to be redeveloped by the federal government. The renovation maintained a focus on creating a people-friendly space. Plans included housing, parks, and exhibition space. It now stands as a famous tourist attraction. There is a large market as well as numerous malls. There are approximately fifty permanent vendors registered to the public market space, and additional one-hundred or so temporary ones according to sources. The space maintains regular hours from nine in the morning to seven at night except on holidays and cleaning / maintenance days... read more arrow
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Twenty-eight floors high, the Harbour Center's Lookout offers a singular vision of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. There are two ways to experience Vancouver from that vantage. There are free guided tours that provide you with interesting information about the various panoramas. There are also a number of installations that provide information for you to view on your own. Either way it is a view of Vancouver that many simply do not leave the city without experiencing, and you may never see the city the same once you have.

You can visit the indoor heated deck day or night. Allowing you to take in the atmosphere that you most prefer, or both if that is your preference. You may want to spend some time exploring Harbour Centre as well. It is home to offices and a University, but the structure also houses shops, a food fair and a liquor store. If you get hungry, or even if you do not, you will likely want to sit in the revolving restaurant in the Centre before you leave... read more arrow
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Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a full-sized Chinese garden situated "outside of China" in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This garden states the primeval techniques of Ming Dynasty. This classical park was inaugurated in the year 1986, April 24th. The tranquility of the mountain, hills, valleys and pelts of the urban sanctuary is enjoyable to visit, and as well sipping a cup of hot and flavored Chinese tea will favor the moment overlong.

For a relaxing vacation, this Chinese garden is recommended outright. Want to shop those? This place features everything you need right from Chinese treasures to the exclusive Chinese collectors goods. The building work commenced in the year 1985 and it took one year for completion. The external area of this classical garden was contrived by first-rate architects including Donald Vaughan and Joe Wai, whereas the internal area of this classical garden was designed by Wang Zu-Xin... read more arrow
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Lynn Canyon Park is the municipal rainforest park situated in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The park officially opened in the year 1912, wherein the original park's size was 12 acres (49,000 m2), but now the entire park covers about 617 acres (2.50 km2).

The Lynn Park has lots of numerous hiking spots that offer hikers varying degree of different difficulty and length, such as the Baden-Powell Trail that passes right through the park and then crossing over the famous 50 meters Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

A continued 10 minute walk across the bridge will bring you to a 30 foot pool, which contains deep clear waters enclosed in an isolated area and surrounded by streams that are trickling down in small waterfalls. The beautiful place offers hikers the chance to relax amid peaceful waterfalls, after a long walk.

Moreover, since it is the second most forested park, if you are lucky you can also spot different wildlife cowering on the woods... read more arrow

* Regular pre-pandemic touristic activity level.

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