Twenty-eight floors high, the Harbour Center's Lookout offers a singular vision of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. There are two ways to experience Vancouver from that vantage. There are free guided tours that provide you with interesting information about the various panoramas. There are also a number of installations that provide information for you to view on your own. Either way it is a view of Vancouver that many simply do not leave the city without experiencing, and you may never see the city the same once you have. You can visit the indoor heated deck day or night. Allowing you to take in the atmosphere that you most prefer, or both if that is your preference. You may want to spend some time exploring Harbour Centre as well. It is home to offices and a University, but the structure also houses shops, a food fair and a liquor store. If you get hungry, or even if you do not, you will likely want to sit in the revolving restaurant in the Centre before you leave. The Centre is well known for its glass elevators also. Whether you are exploring the Harbour's many interesting offerings or simply enjoying the ride take the time to take in what the glass elevators have to offer in way of experience.