Stanley Park is stretched in 1, 001 acres and situated at the border of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is recognized as the greatest park, and in fact has been awarded the sixteenth position as being one of the best around the world, and the sixth in North America. Stanley Park is the first in Vancouver and the main attractions of the city. The natural atmosphere of the park brought by fir trees, cedar, hemlock, wildlife and lagoons all appeals to many plant lover and environmentalist. The park opened for public in 1888 by then Lord Stanley, Governor-General in Canada. Stanley Park is 10% larger than Central Park of New York, and half of Richmond's Park of London. There are a projected eight million visitors each year, and this includes tourist and locals that comes for the nature attributes and recreational facilities of the park. The 5.5 ml or 8.8 km seawall path around the entire park is also popular to many cyclist, inline skaters, joggers and pedestrians Most of the park area is still forested and has an estimated 500, 000 million trees that are as tall as 75 meters or 259 ft, and hundred years old. Ocean views from the park are simply amazing and a photographer's dream. A drive around the park is approximately 6 miles. Stanley Park has many beautiful gardens. The rose garden has roses of varied hue. Rhododendron gardens have large bushes of these in lovely colors. There are numerous small walkways and trails to wander around the Park. The garden has a water park where children can play. Apart from that there is a large heated swimming pool where kids can enjoy further.