Looking for an interesting museum while visiting Winnipeg, Manitoba? The Manitoba Museum is just the fascinating alternative to a routine day. It explores the great history and environment of the area from the northern Arctic coastlines to the southern prairie grasslands, a Planetarium, and the Nonsuch ship replica from 1668. In all, this museum offers a unique form of entertainment that is educational and enjoyable. Some of the exhibits housed in the Manitoba Museum include the following: 1. The Orientation Gallery depicts a Metis hunter stalking a heard of bison, which introduces the philosophical theme of the Muesum's interrelationships of man and nature. 2. The Arctic/Sub-Arctic gallery is lit with a fascinating aurora and covers the Arctic region of the Hudson Bay. Among the highlights include a large polar bear and a herd of migrating caribou. 3. Earth History Gallery explains the geological history of the Manitoba region including fossils from the Ordovician Sea, in addition to plesiosaurs and mosasaurs, and other large marine reptiles from 80 million years ago. 4. The Planetarium provides some of the most astounding astronomical aspects of the world and the universe encouraging both young and old visitors to participate in the exploration of the night sky as well as visiting space, the planets, and the stars. Manitoba Museum is the largest heritage and cultural center in the area focusing on individual tradition and nature, and contains numerous galleries including earth history, arctic, boreal forest, the Nonsuch gallery, in addition to the Planetarium, and Science gallery.