Winnipeg, a city which boasts of rich cultural heritage, exceptional architecture, museums and art, is located in Manitoba, Canada. It is one of oldest cities in the world and is a must-visit on any body’s travel itinerary if you are visiting Canada. Winnipeg offers everybody something to do. A quiet place with a population of not more than 8 million, it gives you the feeling of living in an Old World Colony with modern amenities. Among the many tourist attractions in Winnipeg, the places that are a must see are the Forks, where you can get anything from toys, watches to great food from different regions. Besides this, the Royal Canadian Mint where all of Canada’s coins are minted is a famous attraction. Osborne village which has restaurants, boutiques, bars and caters to people in all age groups and from all walks of life. Winnipeg is home to some of the world famous museums and art galleries. Numerous cultural festivals are conducted all year through, which are attended by people from all around the world, also making it a tourist hotspot. However, the best time to visit Winnipeg is during the months of August and September when it experiences pleasant weather, otherwise Winnipeg faces extremes of climate, all year through. The best way to get around in Winnipeg is self driven cars as they are the least expensive apart from buses and taxis. The Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport caters to all the major flights flying into Canada.