Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is the home of the annual Folklorama festival; featuring two weeks of multicultural events. This festival celebrates the ethnic heritage of the region with wonderful food, folkdances, arts, crafts, and music. 2010 will see the 40th Anniversary of the Folklorama festival, which was intended to be a one-time celebration of their centennial. Fortunately, it was so successful that it became an annual event. Since the festival runs for two weeks, half of the pavilions are operating the first week, and the remainder the second week – mostly in the evening hours. It is recommended that visitors pick three pavilions to visit each night, and choose from the following recommendations: 1. The first week there are approximately 25 countries represented including Africa, Brazil, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Russian, Sudan, the Philippines and several other countries. Since it's recommended that visitors choose three of these to visit, pick the first one for the arts and crafts and an appetizer, the second for dinner and the folkdances, and the third for desert and the music. 2. During the second week visitors are treated to the festivities found in the Caribbean, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel, India, Scotland, Scandinavia, Ukraine, and others. 3. Each country has its own unique heritage and the richness of each culture only makes the visitor want to experience more of their traditional music, folklore, and dance. The Folklorama festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba is a unique two-week long festival celebrating the fascinating cultures of the original settlers of the surrounding area.