The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is also known as 'Musee Canadien des Droits de la Personne' due to French being a major language in Canada along with English. It is located at the well-known 'Forks' in Winnipeg, Manitoba (in Canada) where it is currently undergoing construction and is set to open in 2012. 'The Forks' is a historically significant place located in Downtown Winnipeg where the Red River meets with the Assiniboine River. Purpose of this museum is to improve the awareness of human rights, in order to encourage respect for everyone, boost righteous thinking and promote peace through dialogue. The project is the dream-child of CanWest founder Izzy Asper, who was born to Ukrainian Jewish Migrants. His daughter, Gail Asper, has been the force behind its construction. The Canadian Government turned it into a Federal Crown Corporation on 13th March 2008 through the Museums Act which came into force on 10th August 2008. The real construction began only in the spring of 2009. Team behind the museum as well as the founders saw it as a unique destination for Canadian and World citizens, to discuss and take steps against stemming rise in hate and oppression. Canada has many National Museums which play the role of maintaining national as well as international traditions and heritage, giving a sense of identity of unity to all Canadians, promoting research and education, as well as to entertain the Canadian and World citizens.