Dr. and Mrs. Mol inaugurated Leo Mol Sculpture Garden within the Assiniboine Park on June 18, 1992. The one-of-its-kind sculpture garden has mesmerized many awe-struck art lovers. The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is part lush garden, part museum and part art gallery. Located in Manitoba province, near the Pavilion, this combination of nature and art is unique in the world. There are hundreds of sculptures that would keep you engrossed for an entire day as you stroll around the garden pathways. Dr. Leo Mol was master sculptor and his visions are indeed quite a sight. Each sculpture is like a unique masterpiece. The garden was a result of the generous and philanthropic nature of Dr. Mol. He was born in 1915 in Ukraine, and he migrated to Winnipeg in 1949. He contributed all his bronze works along with paintings, ceramic art and drawings to his community - The City of Winnipeg. It was Dr. Mol's wish that the works be available publicly as he said once that Romans, Greeks had always displayed statues and busts in full public view. The sculptures feature both humans and animals in various moods, mythological sculptures too like Europa and abstract ones like Dream (1974). 2002 saw the 'Lumberjacks' sculpture printed on a Canadian postage stamp. The garden attracts hordes of visitors through out the year. Due to the magnificent setting, the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is the perfect spot for many celebrations and get-togethers, special events, wedding functions, photography and even other artists.