Like its name suggests, Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is the favorite haunt of archaeologists and geologists. It is situated in Morden, Manitoba at the lower floors of the Morden Recreational Complex and is a very popular educational destination for all ages especially kids with programs such as Fossil Dig Programs, School Programs and Kids Programs among others. It is always counted in the top destinations to visit in Manitoba. The Centre was earlier known as by the name of Morden and District Museum. It has one of the well-documented information regarding the Cretaceous period and marine reptiles of that era including the squid Tusoteuthis longa. Most of the fossils on display were found along the Manitoba Escarpment area in Pembina Hills around Red River Valley. This museum contains one of the greatest collections of marine reptile fossils. Kids who love Dinosaurs just love Mosasaur, named Bruce, which is 43 ft long. Mosasaur was one of the most dangerous of ancient marine reptiles, bigger than the widely-feared T Rex. It was infamous for being too dangerous and predatory. The time that it existed was the most dangerous time to be a sea creature in the Cretaceous period. The diggers are still looking for Bruce's mother and participants have an added incentive of her possible discovery during the digging educational programs. Motto of the CFDC is to promote fossil preservation, research and education. Another Mosasaur, named 'Angus' was recently discovered and is still being studied by the museum experts.