Located in the Waterford Valley of Newfoundland, the Bowring Park is a major tourist attraction of the place. It is a scenic park and has a statue of Peter Pan and a sculptured duck pond leading to the entrance of the park. The duck pond is man made and the statue was erected in memory of Sir Edgar Bowring's granddaughter. The pond has a lot of fishes, ducks, geese, and swans in them. Visitors are allowed to feed the birds and fishes. The land for the park was donated by Sir Edgar Rennie Bowring in 1911 and the park was opened officially by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught. When donated, the original tract of land was about 50 acres. Now the authorities have acquired more land and expanded the park. There are many entertainment and recreational facilities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, and statues in the park. There is a Conservatory in the park which is open to the public. This was initially built as a Greenhouse and was later reconstructed into a conservatory. Another major attraction of the park is the Waterford River, which passes through the park and has several small waterfalls. The park is famous for holding sports like cricket, tennis, and football. Charity events and funfairs also are organized in the park during the summers.