The oldest British settlement in Newfoundland, Canada, St. John's is located on the east side of the Avalon Peninsula. Being a coastal village, fishing has been a flourishing industry for many years, but recent years have seen a richness added to the culture of this lovely city including a vibrant nightlife with a rich cultural flair. This is a charming town that has an historical richness that all visitors will surely enjoy. With plenty to do in the town and along the coast, St. John's offers the following activities to travelers: 1. The Harbor at St. John’s offers travelers the opportunity to go fishing, boating, and participate in many outdoor water-related activities. 2. For those who love the outdoors, there are a number of parks, hiking, walking, and nature trails around this area that are lovely and offer a variety of flora and fauna. 3. Water Street is the main tourist attraction in the town center with numerous restaurants, souvenir shops, and clothing stores. 4. The Arts and Culture Center is home to the library, a gallery of fine arts, and a theatre for performing arts. 5. The nightlife is abundant on George Street with a variety of pubs and is the main setting for the yearly Mardi Gras festival during the month of October. 6. The Royal St. John’s Regatta is the oldest known boat race on the continent featuring six members in the racing shell; held since the late 1700s. St. John's is a great venue for a variety of outdoor and cultural activities.