Located mostly underground in an excavated glacial formation, the Johnson Geo Centre museum opened in 2002, and takes great advantage of the geological features of the area. Want to go back through Earth's history, learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, and the awesome forces that have molded and created our planet? Then this geological center is a fascinating premier place to visit. Within the Johnson Geo Centre, there are four fascinating sections that everyone must spend some time, and includes these exhibits: 1. 'Our Planet' is one of the most fascinating galleries where visitors can learn all about volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks, fossils, and much information of the geology of Earth. This is the place to go to inquire about the Earth's age. 2. 'Our Province' contains the amazing geological displays from millions and billions of years ago and contains some of the oldest rocks in Canada. Be sure to ask about the outer walls of Centre in this pavilion. 3. 'Our People' has some very interesting speculation on where humans came from, why we are special, and why we have migrated all over the planet. This exhibit takes an interesting look at why humans are so dependent on natural resources. 4. 'Our Future' is an awe-inspiring Stellarium that highlights over 250 of our closest celestial neighbors in a unique three-dimensional model. Be sure to take some oxygen here because this display usually leaves most visitors breathless! The Johnson Geo Centre is an amazing place that visitors must see focusing on the people, planet, and the universe.