Signal Hill is a city of Los Angeles in California. It is a place of tourist interest and had abundant resources of oil. Today the city has a lot of commercial and residential areas. The city is surrounded completely by the city of Long Beach. Signal Hill is famous for its parks and natural resources. The largest park in the city is the Signal Hill Park. It is spread across an area of 10 acres. The main attraction of the park is the Am-Phi theatre. Several concerts are held in this theatre during summer season. Some of the other famous parks in Signal Hill are the Hilltop Park, Discovery Park, Reservoir Park, and the Temple View Park. Some of the parks are interconnected by pedestrian pathways and roadways. Hiking is a very popular sport along these trails. According to the census of 2008, there were around 11,000 people in the city of Signal Hill. The city has witness great progress during the last decade. The police department of Signal Hill is highly organized and has many programs for the direct involvement of the citizens in the development of the city. The climate of the city is mostly pleasant and the days are mostly clear. There are regular bus services to the Long Beach city, San Pedro terminal, and Fullerton.