The St. Lawrence River flows into Lake Ontario, and is home to the stunning town of Kingston, Ontario, Canada and at one time was an extremely critical military site. This site was the home of one of the British naval fleets during the War of 1812. Many of the buildings in this incredible town were made of Limestone that was locally quarried, giving it the moniker of the “Limestone City”. Kingston, Ontario, Canada is such an interesting historical area, but it also has numerous activities for the tourist, including: 1.Fort Henry and the Rideau Canal are historical sites that still command many visitors every year, and these are identified as a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO. 2. Performing Arts are very important to this community, and they support numerous festivals which include the Jazz Festival, the Reelout Film Festival, the Canadian Film Festival, and the Limestone City Blues Festival throughout the year. 3. The Agnes Etherington Arts Museum hosts exhibitions throughout the year and is home to numerous paintings of the masters with a lasting collection of over 14,000 pieces of artwork. 4. Since it is located at Lake Ontario, boating enthusiasts and fishermen will have plenty of activities to select to keep them occupied during the day. 5. There are many great places for dining and shopping that will keep even the pickiest tourist satisfied and happy; particularly along the very popular waterfront shops. For a great vacation, Kingston, Ontario, Canada offers some great choices that will appease all members of the family.