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Bahamas Country Guide


The Bahamas is a group of 700 plus islands that is twice the size of Spain. The people of Bahamas are calm and warm, and have a laidback demeanor and slow moving way of life. Most of the islands here are either sparsely populated or uninhabited. If you are looking for a bit of everything, Bahamas is the place to visit.

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and lies on the New Providence Island. It is famous for its straw market where vendors create new and exciting things using straw. The 18th century of Fort Charlotte is famous for its moat, dungeons and spectacular harbor view.

The Grand Bahamas Island is popular for the 40 acre Lucayan National Park and Peterson Cay National park. Its main towns are Freeport, which has an airport, Lucaya and West End. You can enjoy the beaches, casinos, restaurants, entertainment and shopping facilities while on the island.

Different islands worth visiting

Andros is the largest, but least popular of the big islands. It is laced with creeks and densely forested inlands which are still untouched. The Out Islands stretch across the clear ocean and are fringed with white beaches and fishing villages.

The Abacos is a necklace shaped group of islands where most of its towns have the atmosphere of New England fishing villages. The islands are famous for shipbuilding which started 200 years ago.

Cat Island is famous for its 200ft cliffs, dense forests and Arawak Indian caves. If you love dolphins, head to Blue Lagoon Island for close encounters of the dolphin kind. Berry Island is famous amongst fishing enthusiasts and for its tranquility and white beaches. Great Harbor Cay offers a beautiful golf course for golf enthusiasts and a marina where scuba divers can admire underwater rock formations and stag horn coral reefs.


Compared to the other Caribbean islands, Bahamas has a rather cool climate. This is attributed to its proximity to the continental North American cold air systems. Rainy season is between May to October while the hurricane season, between June to November end.

Things to do

When in the Bahamas, you have to go sailing, diving, parasailing and a ride on personal underwater submarines to take a look at the beautiful underwater world. You will love the tranquil and leisurely atmosphere of the Bahamas; just right for the relaxation you were looking for.

You can do everything and anything in the Bahamas; shopping, golfing in world class course, diving, windsurfing and parasailing. Then there is the famous music and dance of the Caribbean to keep you entertained.

Dressing sense

While informal wear is enough in resorts, you may have to dress up a bit in the evenings for dining, dancing and to visit the casinos. The same etiquette applies in most towns of Bahamas. However it is not appropriate to wear beachwear in towns at all. With so much to offer, it is no wonder that the Bahamas attracts so many tourists to its shores every year.

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