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Barbados Country Guide


Barbados is the pearl of the Caribbean and is the eastern most Caribbean island. The many beautiful resorts and beaches of Barbados have lead to its name, ‘the real fantasy island.’

Barbados is a huge and ancient coral reef formed about a million years ago. This is why there is a coral reef along its coastline providing for unlimited surfing fun. You are sure to find suitable surfing conditions anywhere on its shores, any day of the year.

The biggest and most powerful waves are on the eastern coast while the foaming ‘Soup Bowl’ is the internationally recognized, favorite spot for annual surfing contests. The best time to head to Barbados for surfing is between mid-November to the end of June as this is when moderate trade winds blow over the shores.


Barbados is an island that experiences sunshine 340 days a year, has a wonderful nightlife, boasts of friendly inhabitants and has various well developed amenities for the use of the many tourists visiting here. The weather here is usually fair and sunny, with an average high temperature of 24 to 29 degrees Celsius.

The cool northeast trade winds help temper these hot conditions. January to June spells dry season in Barbados while the hurricane season extends from June to October. However Barbados seldom experiences a hurricane; instead it experience heavy tropical rainstorms that are short and heavy, and which dry up quickly.

Attractions & Places of interest

Barbados is famous for its Anglican stone churches which divide the island into many parishes and cricket games played on village greens. In the colonial days, Barbados was also famous for its sugar industry.

Barbados’s west coast is called the ‘Platinum Coast’ where you find many luxury beach resorts along its shore while clear warm water of the Caribbean waters lap into its’ golden sands. Batts Rock and Paynes Bay at St. Jame’s parish and Mullins Bay and Heywoods in St. Peter are popular sunbathing and swimming beaches.

You can find the largest span of inland water of the island in the parish of Christ Church. This swamp is a natural habitat to more than 40 birds’ species and is full of red and white mangrove trees.

The tranquil Lazaretto Garden has a magnificent waterfall cascading down a rock face while the Ayshford Ratite Gardens boasts of fine restaurants with international executive chefs and roaming exotic birds, fancy pigeons, ostriches and pheasants.

Caribbean Cruise

The Orchid World grows and displays more than 20,000 varieties of orchids. It was originally a chicken and pig farm surrounded by sugar plantations. With a self guided tour, you get to see a waterfall, a coral grotto and five orchid houses. The Flower Forest is located in the East Coast and hosts a large variety of plants and species.

And to make your trip to Barbados a spectacular one, you have to take a Caribbean cruise. This is a great way to relax while enjoying the view. So you can see that you have a bevy of activities and sites to keep you busy in Barbados.

And if this not enough, you could also try out kayaking or observe the underwater world through a submarine or visit the Animal Flower Cave, the village of Bathsheba or the oldest buildings of Barbados , the Jacobean structures of Drax Hall.

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