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St Vincent And The Grenadines Country Guide


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines evokes your fantasy of uncluttered islands, white sand beaches, sky blue water and not a person to disturb. There are 32 islands here trying to beat each other in terms of the tranquility the islands offer. The largest island here is St. Vincent, with Kingstown as its capital.

This is a lively town that takes you back to colonial times; however once you enter the grenadines, things change. The traffic, hustle and modernization all vanish to give you a group of islands waiting to be explored.

The beaches of Kingstown are on the average side while the town runs at a frenetic pace. There are some great hiking options in its lush and green rain forested interiors. This city always heaves and swells with its community bustling through narrow streets and alleyways. The air in the town is full with hot and stagnant air which make car horns sound louder.

So though this city is not a tourist destination on its own, to most visitors to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, this is the gateway of the other grenadines islands. Mayreau Island sits west of Tobago Cays and has only a few roads, no airport and a few locals.

Beaches beckon you in Bequia where life slows to a crawl and where your desire to return home vanishes. This is considered to be the best island of the grenadines with stunning beaches and a wide range of accommodation.

Canouan is interesting both historically and aesthetically. It is a hook shaped island with quiet, clean and aesthetic beaches and some of the most secluded hideaways.

There are great budget hideaways here where you can like a king with a pauper’s income. On the contrary, renting a house on the island of Mustique costs more than buying a luxury car.

The Mustique is a beautiful island with stunning beaches and everything you expect in paradise. The exuberant rates of accommodation here make this city affordable to the super rich, film stars and musicians.

There are 70 private villas and houses on the island that give you the best in accommodation. This is a private island owned by Mustique Company that ensures that the paradise is visited only by the wealthy.

The Saltwhistle Bay is picture perfect and adorns countless postcards. Its white sand beaches defy description. It leads to a point where the ocean laps it on both sides; at times, only a few feet away.

Its azure water beckons sailors; this is why yachts usually anchor in its bay to bob with swaying palms. As a rule, the island is very quiet; it is only when a cruise ship arrives here with disembarking passengers does the island get noisy.

Whether you have your own vehicle or you hire one, people have and will always be enthralled by St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Island hopping is an irresistible pastime here. Though the islands were once the realms of real pirates, they are today famous because the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here.

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