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Belize Attractions

Places to visit, points of interest and top things to see in Belize

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Great Blue Hole thumbnail
Great Blue Hole
The Great Blue Hole is a humongous underwater sinkhole that lies just 60 miles in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of beautiful Belize. This hole, which, when seen from the top, is nearly a perfect circle, and looks so inviting that it would be all you could to resist the temptation to simply jump in.

Now, if Belize is breathtaking, the Great Blue Hole is a refreshing circle of dark indigo amidst all that turquoise water. The Great Blue Hole is part of the Lighthouse Reef System and sits just near its center. The "hole" itself measures around 300 meters in diameter and 146 meters in depth.

The Blue Hole was once a subterranean limestone cave system, but earthquakes and other geological events resulted in repeated collapses of the caves. So, what you now see is a "blue hole". You can still see the huge stalagmites and stalactites when you swim under the remains of the caves... read more arrow
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Nestled just south of Mexico and along the Caribbean, it is one of nature's best gifts to the world. Breathtaking turquoise waters framed by sandy coastlines coupled with a lush green jungle. What's more, this jungle is once home to Mayan structures such as temples and houses. So, you have water, forests and ruins. Now that is what we call seriously awesome vacation possibilities.

Belize is paradise for the snorkeler and scuba diver. After all, it is the second largest barrier reef in the world, second only to the Australian Barrier Reef. Imaging being immersed in the warm blue waters of the Caribbean, meeting face to face with a cornucopia of marine life. Imagine an underwater landscape that is full of color, a reef wall that is adorned with all kinds of underwater plants – anemones, sea whips and sea fans. Imagine a school of shimmering fish wending their way past you while sponges seem to burst with all kinds of color – pink, purple, yellow violet and so much more... read more arrow

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