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Top 2 Tourist Attractions in Belize

Popular Belize landmarks and tourist spots

  • Great Blue Hole thumbnail
    Aerial view of the Great Blue Hole in Belize, Central America.
    The Great Blue Hole is a humongous underwater sinkhole that lies just 60 miles in the Caribbean Sea off the beautiful Belize coast. This hole, which, when seen from the top, is nearly a perfect circle and looks so inviting that it would be all you could to resist the temptation to jump in. Now, if Belize is breathtaking, the Great Blue Hole is a refreshing circle of dark indigo amidst all that turquoise water ...

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  • Nestled just south of Mexico and along the Caribbean, it is one of nature's best gifts to the world. Breathtaking turquoise waters framed by sandy coastlines coupled with a lush green jungle. What's more, this jungle is once home to Mayan structures such as temples and houses. So, you have water, forests and ruins ...

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