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El Salvador Country Guide


El Salvador is the smallest country in the continental America. It is coined Tom Thumb of the Americas because of its small size but dense population. While this is true, the past decade have made tourism is an important industry in El Salvador.

The tourism industry in El Salvador is not just popular to vacationers but to excursionists as well. Vacationers are those staying overnight and more, while excursionists are tourists which will only stay for the day but not require an accommodation. Both of these industries are increasing in number that is helping the economy of El Salvador.

For tourists who want to explore the less densely populated tourist attractions in El Salvador, here is a short list of the top things to do in this country.

Read on to learn know what is in store for you in El Salvador.

Top things to do in El Salvador

Enjoy the beach

El Salvador is home to various popular beaches like Costa del Sol, La Barra de Santiago, El Cuco, El Sunzal and El Tamarindo.

These beaches boast in resort hotels, unspoiled beaches, fishing villages and pine forests. Thus, if you visit these attractions, you are not only confined with the beach but other fun activities including fishing and forests.


El Salvador is likewise known to be a surfer’s haven. Big waves will roll you in at Punta Roca and El Sunzal. However, one surfing paradise is only navigable by boat and this is Punta Mango.

For the Eco-tourists

The Montecristo Cloud Forest will cater to your hiking, camping and bird watching activity. Montecristo is likewise home of various species such as spider monkeys, pumas and toucans.

Another ecological tour is the El Impossible National Park. This ecological reserve houses varied vegetation, fauna and is a refuge to several species of birds and wildlife.

For the sailing fanatics

You can go to Gulf Fonseca for a sail. This is a huge stretch of water shared by other Caribbean countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua and of course El Salvador. This sailing is likewise fun because while you are at it, you can stop by to enjoy the many volcanic islands across the gulf.


Trekking along the volcanoes are fun activities you can enjoy. There are about 25 different volcanoes you can visit but three of which are popular. These are Izalco, San Miguel and Santa Ana. If this trekking expedition is not your thing but you still want to see a volcano in El Salvador, you can visit the extinct San Salvador volcano which is close to the capital, less travel time if you want this experience.


Apart from sailing and beach fun, you can likewise dive in the volcanic crater of Ilopango. While under the warm water, you can explore and see fishes, crabs and sponges.

As mentioned above, El Salvador is a small country but because of the huge tourism offering, it is a must-see destination. Take your tour and enjoy the many tourism offerings while it is not yet crowded.

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