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Honduras Country Guide


Honduras can ideally be described as the unfiltered, unpackaged and unspoiled land on earth. The state has its own majesty, which is mesmerizing for the travelers who come to this place from all four corners of the globe. It has everything that a tourist could ask for – the Roatan’s spectacular sunsets, Puco Bonito’s greenery in the form of mountains and numerous other places that makes the state a vibrant wonder world. The state indeed is the best place for adventure and has fantabulous scenic beauty. Not only is the land a wonderful place to visit, but also the people in Honduras are warm and hospitable. The state happens to be in the Central America and a country you would love to visit time and again.

Honduras is all about adventure, exploration and relaxation- you can take a pick or choose to enjoy everything that the country has in store for you. It’s all in the nation. You can explore the Copan ancient wonders, if you love historical places. This place is also known as the Paris of ancient Maya cities. You can as well fly high up over the rainforests on a a special zip line through the dense canopy, or you might as well spend quality time relaxing in the Bay Islands- the land of breathtaking scenery and white sands. For rivers; hovers, the nation has the magnificent Rio Cangrejal with harrowing facilities winding through the lush jungle. There are many things to do and even more things to see here, it indeed would be a lifetime memory.

Though the lifestyle here in Honduras is slow paced, but there are many activities to be carried out and the nature’s beauty is truly admirable. Also, not to forget, the historical ruins of the Copan. These are the assets of the nation, which every visitor must take a look at. Diving, swimming and snorkeling are some of the few pastimes here in Honduras around the Hog Islands and Bay Islands. Tegucigalpa, which is the capital of the country, also has some magnificent sights to be seen and focusing primarily in the Parque Centra and the domed 18th century cathedral.

Some of the major attractions of Honduras are Copan Ruins Archeological site, El Cusuco National Cloid Forest Park, Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, Roatan, Sansy Bay- Carambola Gardens, and Tela – Lancetilla Botanical Gardens. These places are a must see for every visitor hitting the place.

Today, Honduras is also known for its ecotourism, river rafting, inexpensive scuba diving and of course the mountain treks.

When you are in a holiday, lodging is always a concern, but not to worry friends cause Honduras has a wide range of options for a lavish luxurious stay. With grade 1 service and amazing hospitability these places won’t let you feel away from home in terms of comfort. Bonus? You get to feel like a king.

Almost all the leading airlines today have flights to Honduras; you can either contact them or your travel agent for details.
So plan a trip to Honduras the very next holiday and enjoy yourself like never before.

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