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Nicaragua Country Guide


Nicaragua is one the poorest countries in the Central America. It sits in between Honduras and Costa Rica. On the west is Pacific Ocean and on the east is the Caribbean Sea.

Its main source of income is agriculture but improvements in the tourism offerings of Nicaragua placed it the second largest industry in this Caribbean Country. Because tourism in Nicaragua is yet on its initial stage, costs are still lower as compared to other countries in the Caribbean region. This is the reason why many tourists can enjoy the many offerings of Nicaragua without breaking the bank.

If you want to enjoy the country of lakes and volcanoes, that is Nicaragua, read on below.

Top things to do in Nicaragua

As mentioned above, Nicaragua is the country of lakes and volcanoes. This is because there are two lovely lakes in Nicaragua within which you can enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea. The two popular lakes are Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua. However, you should not be mistaken, there are other smaller but exciting lakes in and around Nicaragua, which you can explore.

Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua is a large fresh water lake. This is a popular lake because it is connected to the Caribbean Sea by San Juan River. It is also the 21st larges lake in the world.

Because Lake Nicaragua is a fresh water lake, sawfish, tarpon and sharks are residents of the lake. Lake Nicaragua is composed of several islands the largest is Ometepe which houses several small volcanoes you can visit.

Lake Managua

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua. It is where the airport is but Managua offer other attractions including volcanic crater lagoons, water sports such as boating, fishing and picnicking. You can hire a both on the shores of the lake and visit shore villages and the active Momotobo Volcano.

You can also hike atop Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve and enjoy the sight of orchids and cloud forests.

Another remarkable activity in Nicaragua is the swim in the clear waters of Somoto. This is a newly discovered Nicaragua gem. The Somoto Canyon is discovered for tourism purposes only in December 2004.

Because you are in the Caribbean region, surfing and other water activities are aplenty. Swimming, kayaking and snorkeling will surely be a fun activity for you and your group.

Eco-tourism is likewise a booming industry and several national parks and reserves can feed your palate for ecological magnificence in Nicaragua.

Do not forego a visit to Solentiname, the art inclined community in Nicaragua. This is an experience on its own and you should not miss it.

Finally, because Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Central America, costs of tours and other fun activities are still at its lowest. Secondly, because tourism is now the second largest industry in Nicaragua, you can expect that the low prices will not stay for long.

Thus, if you want to enjoy the scenic and tropical paradise that Nicaragua has to offer, you have to start preparing for your visit to this gem in the Caribbean Region now.

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