Located on the corners of Michigan and Monroe Avenues in downtown Chicago, Illinois, the Art Institute of Chicago was founded back in 1879 to serve as a museum and an arts school. The museum is home to thousands of different art works and artifacts which have been categorized into different collections to celebrate the beauty and glory of different works of art throughout the centuries. The exquisite artifacts and art works that have made the Art Institute of Chicago its home have drawn many art students form its arts school that could be seen in different sections of the museum sketching their own interpretation of selected artworks. The Art Institute of Chicago is a great place to spend an educational weekend with your family. The Ryan Education Center in the museum hosts a variety of fun and interactive activities for families, children and teenagers. One of the special programs offered here is the Mini Masters program which is designed for children between 3 and 5 years old. Mini Master Instructors teach toddlers how to appreciate art works at a very early age through the use of stories, fun games and hands-on activities such as painting. There are also short 30-minute interactive tours offered by guides in the museum which are designed to keep the little ones attentive while learning about the different art works featured in the museum. During the summer months, the Art Institute of Chicago also offers a summer camp for the entire family. For an entire week, you and your family are treated to a variety of projects that would help you bond with your children in an education-filled atmosphere.