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Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Croatia

Popular Croatia landmarks and tourist spots

  • Dubrovnik Old Town thumbnail
    Part of the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
    The old town of Dubrovnik is the historical center of this southern Croatian city located on the Dalmatian coast. Located on a rocky promontory above the Adriatic Sea, it is bounded by cliffs to the west and south, port to the east, and by imposing ramparts to the north and west. Known as Ragusa from its foundation in the old century until 1918, the merchant city came under Byzantine and then Venetian rule before becoming the independent republic's capital ...

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  • 2 Pula Arena

    7 /10
    Pula Arena thumbnail
    Part of the interior of the Pula Arena in Croatia.
    The Pula Arena is one of the largest and most intact Roman arenas in the world, the second-largest after the Colosseum in Rome. ...

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  • Diocletian's Palace thumbnail
    The interior court of Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia.
    This monumental palace complex is a main attraction in Split's old town and one of Croatia's most impressive historical monuments. ...

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