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Known as the smallest region in Metropolitan France, Alsace (pronounced as Alzas), is also its most densely populated area with an average of 222 people living per sqkm. Alsace is situated on the eastern border of the country and on the western bank of the Rhine River.

One of the unique characteristics of Alsace is that, while it is located in France, majority of the older generation is extremely fluent in German. This should not come as a surprise since the Alsace was the center of a long debate with regards to which country it really is a part of. In fact, during the Second World War, Alsace was annexed as part of Germany, and not of France. It was only in the later part of 1944 that France regained ownership of the region, and the situation has remained like that ever since.

This switching of ownership between France and Germany has made Alsace a center of a rich cultural tradition and a delight for vacationers. Although it is the most densely populated region in France, travelers would find themselves traveling back in time as Alsace is famous for its picturesque rustic villages, historic churches and towering castles dating back centuries. Remnants of the influence of German traditions can still be seen all over the landscape. From the mouth-watering cuisine you can sample all over the restaurants to the vintage that is produced here. Apart from furnishing the rest of the country with some of the finest white wines, Alsace is also the main beer producing state in France with most of its breweries found in its capital of Strasbourg.
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