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The region of Centre is situated in the heart of France; hence it is aptly called Centre. Located around the Loire Valley, Centre is known for its rich and fertile landscapes which are fed by the Loire River as well as its tributaries such as the Cher, Indre and Loiret.

The name of the region has recently been the center of scrutiny by the French government. While the region was originally named as such based on geography, one can simply look at the map of France and see that the area is not really in the center of the country. For this reason, and to provide more character to this area, the name of was proposed to be changed to Val de Loire, which literally translates into the Valley of the Loire. Although the name has not yet been formally adopted within the country, locals have begun to adopt this by juxtaposing it with the official name of Centre. This is a great thing to remember when traveling to the region. So, if you plan to visit Centre and see signs that say Centre-Vale de Loire, it is one and the same thing.

Centre is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities of Metropolitan France. Centre has been known as a region where travelers can experience the more laid back French lifestyle. There are a number of different chateaux in the region where travelers can book and experience fine wine and cuisine in the countryside while enjoying the mild and temperate climate of the region.
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