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Although Corsica is one of the twenty-six regions that make up the country of France, it is not located on the mainland. Instead, Corsica is the fourth largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea, southeast of the French mainland. Located to the west of Italy and north of the island of Sardinia, the island of Corsica has been made famous as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Despite it being an island, one would be surprised on how varied the climate can be in the region which is partly due to the geography of the island. The coastal area of the island is known for its hot summers and rainy winters while the mountains found in the island have a cooler climate. This is responsible for the variety of vegetation found in Corsica. If you go up higher, you will see paths where you can trek on small glaciers. This activity can be coordinated with local travel agencies and tour bookings.

The location of the island allows travelers visiting to Corsica to be treated to a fusion of French and Italian cultures. The best way to sample this remarkable fusion is through the unique cuisine in the area. Where else can you find a region that is known for authentic Italian pizza and pasta and French cheeses all at once?

Corsica is a great place to visit if you are looking for a place to get-away, relax and be one with nature. The island is known for its natural park which has become a haven for thousands of plant and animal species found in this part of the world. This massive park includes the Scandola Natural Reserve, which has been recently recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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