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Limousin Region Guide


If you are traveling to France and you are looking for a place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities, Limousin would be an ideal escape for you. Once neglected and unknown to most travelers visiting France, the region of Limousin has now become a premiere destination for travelers who enjoy the great outdoors.

Limousin is a quaint and quiet province situated in an upland area in the country. This should not be surprising as the region is the second least populated region in France, with only about 727,000 inhabitants living in an area spanning 16,942 square kilometers.

Travelers are transported back in time the moment they arrive in Limousin. The small, charming and picturesque villages that dot the region offers travelers to Limousin, a glimpse into rural France as how it had once been hundreds of years before. The rolling uplands that surround the region provides travelers great hiking trails and ideal camping sites which allows them to enjoy the great outdoors. The inviting waters of the Creuse River is a great place to enjoy a relaxing day of fishing and other water activities such as boating and kayaking. Make sure to take time to visit some of the traditional craft stores where you can purchase dyed products and handcrafted jewelry which are continuously made by the local craftsmen as they have been making it for generations.

So the next time when you plan to visit and capture a glimpse of old rural France, head over to Limousin.
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