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Situated on the Northern part of France, Lorraine is the only administrative region in the country to have two cities that has been considered with equal importance. Moreover, Lorraine is also the only province in France to share its borders with three other countries: Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. As a result, the province had long been recognized to be a strategic asset of the country.

Although Lorraine has been classified as one place that has a clear French identity, hints of Germanic influence can be found all over the region. As with the other provinces of France that share its border with Germany, Lorraine is one that possess a kaleidoscope of ethnicities and dialects brought about by the blending of French and Germanic cultures and languages. Today, much of the younger generations living in Lorraine are more fluent in French as opposed to the other dialects as a result of the government’s policy for the country to have only one language, the older generations inhabiting the region still speak these local dialects.

Just like the neighboring region of Alsace, the region of Lorraine is also home not just to vineyards but also beer breweries. However, this is not what the region of Lorraine is known for. Rather, it is known for its traditional dish, Quiche Lorraine. This delightful dish is made out of eggs, milk or cream and smoked bacon and arranged in a pastry crust which is then baked. This is something that no traveler should ever miss when traveling to Lorraine.
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