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Located in the northern part of France, the region of Picardy has made its mark in French history as the location of the Battle of Somme, which was considered to be one of the largest battles ever fought during World War I. Before this, the region was the premiere grower of sugar beets, which were introduced during the Napoleonic Wars (and resulting to the downfall of the sugar industry in the Caribbean).

But there is more to this region that just a gruesome reminder of one of the fiercest battles ever fought in human history. The region of Picardy has been considered as one of the largest heritage sites in all of France. The region has just as many churches, abbeys and castles as there are vineyards in other parts of the country. Travellers visiting here find themselves spellbound with the magnificence of these fortresses, many of these date back centuries. This is perhaps the reason why Picardy has been now recognized as the cradle of Gothic architecture.

Today, the region of Picardy provides travellers a perfect getaway from the busy and hectic city lifestyle found in metropolitan cities. The gentle, rolling countryside that make up the region provides the region of Picardy a sense of peace and tranquillity. It is a common sight to see locals and travellers enjoying a quite walk, or enjoying a variety of activities such as biking through the scenic landscape to allow them to ingest the natural beauty and splendour that the region provides.
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