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Poitou Charentes Region Guide


The 300 mile sandy coastline, pristine beaches that are dotted with the pine trees and warm sunshine would make any traveller visiting Poitou-Charentes, located in the central Western region of France feel that he or she is taking a trip to the Mediterranean. This is primarily due to the fact that there is a heavy influence of the Atlantic that can be easily felt and seen by travellers the moment that they arrive in Poitou-Charentes. The climate here is temperate and a total of 2,250 hours of sunshine over here makes it a much desirable destination for tourists.

One of the unique characteristics of Poitou-Charentes is that no two parts within the region are exactly the same. In fact, travellers continue to be dazzled and amazed as to how they seem to be transported into a totally different world that it seems impossible to belief that you are still staying within the same region. For instance, as one heads more inland, travellers are greeted by sprawling lush green countryside and bubbly rivers. The beautiful outdoors that greets you provides a wonderful backdrop where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor and water activities such as biking, hiking, camping and kayaking.

The moment you head up to the northern part of the region, you are once again transported into a whole new world. Hailed as the “Green Venice” of France, the city of Marais Poitevin in Poitou-Charentes contains vast horizons of wooded valleys. The foothills of Charente along with the Cognac vineyards create a magnetic aura.
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