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Rhone Alpes Region Guide


Located on the South Eastern part of France, Rhône-Alpes is just one of the twenty-six provinces that make up the country. The region gets its name from two geographical landmarks that have contributed to making it: the Rhône River and the Alps mountain range. Rhône-Alpes is also home to the city of Lyon, which is the largest metropolitan city in France next to the cosmopolitan city of Paris. The province has a total land area of about 43,698 square kilometres and a total population of 6.058 million inhabitants.

If Paris has been considered as the fashion capital of France, Lyon in Rhône-Alpes is considered as the country’s gastronomic centre. Indeed, this destination is a haven for foodie travellers who are able to learn more about a place through their stomachs and taste buds rather than their eyes. Because Rhône-Alpes shares its borders with the countries of Switzerland and Italy, it is not surprising that these countries have influenced the variety of food that one can sample while visiting Rhône-Alpes. From salami to Raclette cheese fondue, the locals here provide travellers a sample of these well-loved dishes by contributing their own unique twist to them, and making them uniquely French.

The location of Rhône-Alpes has made this a favourite amongst the locals and tourists especially during the winter months. The ski resorts in the region provide a great place to enjoy a variety of different winter sports and activities. During the summer months, while the resorts are closed, locals and tourists head out to the Rhône River where they are able to enjoy water sports and activities. Travellers can enjoy quiet moments like fishing along the river banks or tour the region by kayaking through the Rhône River.
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