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Central Greece is one of the thirteen peripheries that make up the country of Greece located right in the heart of the country. Central Greece is the most mountainous of all the regions in Greece. While most of the other regions in Greece are famous for travelers for its historic and cultural monuments, relics and buildings, central Greece region is known for its lush terrain and picturesque landscapes. From high mountain tops and cliffs that offer a majestic view of the entire region to deep eerie gorges that seem to bring you down to the realm of Hades, the central Greece region has everything for the nature-loving traveler.

If you are visiting the central Greece for the first time, one of the places you must visit is the Gorge of Mavri Spilia. Known locally as the Black Cave, the gorge is located just right outside the village of Prousos. It had once served as a hideout for the local residents of the village during the height of the Turkish occupation. Today, the gorge is a mystifying place with a 10 meter-high waterfall that provides water for the natural swimming pools where you can bathe in.

Another place to visit is the Hot Springs of Thermopyle. Located just 15 kilometers away from the city of Lamia, these hot springs are favorite destinations for locals and tourists who bathe in it to relax and rejuvenate the bodies. According to local legend, the springs were created as a request made by the goddess Athena to Iphestus in order to help Hercules recover his strength.
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