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Unlike the other regions that make up the country of Greece, Crete is located away from the mainland. In fact, Crete is the largest of all the islands surrounding the mainland country of Greece. It is also the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. Travelers visiting this region would find it very amazing that despite the fact that the locals of the island have their own dialect and culture very much different from that you would find in the mainland, the locals still consider themselves as Greeks. After all, the island of Crete has been known to be the place where the Minoan civilization, which has been considered as the oldest of the Greek civilizations, once thrived.

This being the case, it is not surprising that travelers visiting the island of Crete find the locals immensely proud of their cultural and historical heritage. In fact, most of the top tourist spots that are visited in the island are those that pay tribute to its glorious past. One of which is the ancient palace of Knossos. Built during the height of the Minoan civilization, the palace remains to be a living example of the advanced building techniques used by the Minoans, making it truly a monumental symbol of the ancient Minoan civilization.

Apart from this, the warm waters surrounding the island of Crete make it an ideal beach getaway for tourists and Greeks living in the mainland. Even during the winter season, the beaches around the island are still warm enough for you to enjoy some fun in the sun.
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