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The Ionian Islands are a group of islands situated just outside the western part of Greece's Mainland along the Ionian Sea. Originally known as Eptanisa, meaning “Seven Islands”, this group of islands has now been called the Ionian Islands in order to encompass not just the seven major islands, but also the numerous smaller islands surrounding these seven principal islands. Six of the seven islands are situated along the western coast of the Greek mainland. The seventh and southernmost island of Kythira lies just off the coast of the region of Peloponnesus, the southernmost part of the Greek mainland.

The islands have long been a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike for its pristine beaches. But there are actually so much more to do than just enjoy some fun in the sun. Each of the Ionian Islands is a natural paradise that offers its visitors just the right amount of seclusion in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and to simply relax. If you are heading out to spend your vacation in any of the Ionian Islands, veer away from the popular tourist spots in Corfu and opt to go to the lesser known islands such as the island of Ithaki. Here, locals and tourists can enjoy the beauty of the island which still remains unspoiled by tourism infrastructures. The surrounding pristine waters are an ideal place for snorkeling and diving. Head inland and you can enjoy a variety of other activities such as hiking and even trekking.
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