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The region of Peloponnese is a peninsula situated on the southern part of Greece. While this may be the case, the region of Peloponnese has now been considered to be more of an island rather than a peninsula. This is partly due to the construction of the Corinth Canal in 1893, which caused the region of Peloponnese to be divided by water from the mainland of Greece. One interesting fact about the Peloponnese Peninsula is that its name was derived from Greek mythology with the name translating to the “Island of Pelops”. Pelops was a hero of Greek mythology as being the leader of the cult that began the Olympic Games which are still being held to this day.

That being said, it is no wonder why the region of Peloponnese takes pride in its rich cultural heritage. Travelers seem to be taken back in time with the numerous monuments and temples that still dominate this otherwise mountainous terrain. One of the must-visit cities in the region is the ancient city of Corinth. Once the rival of Athens in terms of wealth and power, the city of Corinth now boasts some of the most mystifying temples in the country. One of the most visited temples is found in the ancient acropolis dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite. Not only does the temple not fail to capture the imagination of its visitors it is a remarkable example of the use of Ionic and Doric designs of architecture, which are still commonly used in many infrastructures we see today in cosmopolitan cities.
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