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The West Greece region is one of the thirteen regions that make up the country of Greece. As its name suggest, it is situated on the western part of the country, which opens up to the Ionian Sea. It is comprised of three prefectures, namely, Achea, Aetolia-Acarnania and Ilia.

While travelers are definite to have their dose of the rich cultural heritage of the country, the West Greece region offers a number of different sights and activities that could not be found in other parts of the country. The region has been characterized as one that generally experiences mild winters. Nevertheless, it is the home of some of the best ski resorts in the country. During the winter months, tourists and locals alike head to the town of Patras which is situated in the prefecture of Achea. Here, they enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the thrill offered by the ski slopes on the Panachaius Mountain.

For a dose of culture, head out to the prefecture of Ilia and out to the Elis district where the first Olympic Games were held. This ancient city continues to provide numerous artifacts dating back to the Hellenistic Period, making this a treasure trove for archaeologists. There are numerous museums that house these artifacts which you can visit. It is also here where you can visit one of the most well-preserved theaters ever constructed during the glory days of the ancient Greek civilization. In the nearby town of Olympia, make sure that you visit the Olympia Archaeological Museum. Here travelers will marvel at the beauty and magnificence of the monuments and life-like sculptures which date back to the Archaic Period. One of the most popular sculptures you can find here is the sculpture of Hermes bearing the infant god Dionysus, created by Praxiteles.
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