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The region of West Macedonia is located in the northwest part of Greece. It is bordered by Central Macedonia to the east, Thessaly to the south, Epirus to the west, and Bitola of Macedonia and Korçë of Albania in the north. It is one of the thirteen regions that comprise the entire country of Greece. This region is one of the least populated regions in all of the country with an average of 32 people per square kilometer. The region has been characterized as a mountainous region and one which experiences the most unpredictable weather patterns in the entire country.

If you are planning to visit the West Macedonia region, one of the places you should visit is the prefecture of Kastoria. Located on the western part of the region, the prefecture of Kastoria is the best place to purchase some of the finest furs in the world. The prefecture is situated around the lake of the same name, which has been considered as one of the jewels of the region. Its crystal clear waters provide travelers not just breathtaking landscapes and sceneries but also a venue where they could enjoy a variety of water activities such as fishing and water skiing. It is also the home of a number of different museums, each presenting travelers an aspect of the rich culture of the region. For example, there is the Costume Museum which offers travelers a glimpse of the different traditional costumes worn by men and women in the region. The Byzantine Museum, on the other hand, offers some of the finest pieces of artifacts dating back to the glory days of the Byzantine Empire.
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