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Ireland Country Guide


Situated off the west coast of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland is a country that occupies two-thirds of the Island of Ireland. The remaining one-third of the island which is made up of 6 counties are still are part of the United Kingdom after the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom back in 1922. The Irish Republic is an Europe country and a member of the European Union. A country that had once been plagued with numerous clashes with England, Ireland has one of the most efficient farming and food-processing industries in the world, as well as electronic goods.

Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle because of the vast fresh green fields that are found in the country. Much of the land is used by farmers for grazing cattle and the fertile soils make it possible for them to grow a variety of different crops. Much of these fertile plains are located along the central region of the country. These vast plains are only broken by the beautiful lakes, peat bogs and rolling hills found in the region. The south, west and southeast regions of the country, on the other hand, are lined with low mountain ranges and deep inlets and bays, particularly along the western region of Ireland. The region is also home to the majestic Twelve Bens Mountain Range, which was created by glaciers during the last Ice Age. The mountain range is one of the natural tourist attractions in the country, adding a further touch of beauty to the scenery.

The warm waters of the Gulf Stream surrounding the country of Ireland are responsible for the country to experience a mild and damp climate with frequent rainfalls all year round. This is particularly true along the western part of the country.

Religion plays a dominant part in the lives of the locals residing in Ireland. Although 93% of the country is made up of Roman Catholics, there remains a long-standing conflict between them and the Protestants, especially in the northern region of the country. It is for this reason that many of the top tourist attractions here in Ireland are churches and cathedrals that are found throughout the country. One of churches that tourists visit in Ireland during their stay here is the Christchurch Cathedral located in the capital city of Dublin. Restored during the 1870s, the Christchurch Cathedral is one of the finest landmarks of the country. Another top tourist destination is the Book of Kells located in the town of the same name. Built by the missionary St. Columba, the monastery is home to illuminated manuscripts of the gospels written in Latin which date back to the 8th century. Other famous tourist attractions in Dublin, the lively centre of commerce, social activity and culture, are the Trinity College, Dublin Castle and the Custom House.

The country of Ireland has a rich Celtic culture which thrives even to this day. This unique cultural heritage sets it apart from its neighbouring country of England. There are a number of different heritage sites that travellers can visit and immerse themselves in this rich cultural heritage such as the Dublinia, the Ulster American Folk Park, the Bru Boru Theatre and St. Patrick’s Trian.

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