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Amsterdam Cheese Museum
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Amsterdam Cheese Museum

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Gouda cheese at the Amsterdam Cheese Museum.
Gouda cheese at the Amsterdam Cheese Museum.

Art and history are not the oldest and notable aspects of Amsterdam. One of its traditions also boasts its 600-year-old cheese business. Some names like Gouda, Edam, and Old Amsterdam are just a few of its cheese collections named after different Netherland cities.

The Amsterdam Cheese museum features the history of making traditional Dutch cheeses and gives visitors an overview of some specialty products. This museum provides educational information and a guided tour featuring the different varieties of Dutch Gouda cheese.

Visiting information and tips

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The Amsterdam Museum is located just a couple of blocks away from Anne Frank's house.

Visitors may even have the chance to enjoy dressing up as the traditional cheese farmers for a photo opportunity. The cheese museum tour is not complete without the free taste and sampling of the good cheeses.

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